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*Please note that the bike leg of the Doughman has changed this year. The Doughman has teamed up with the LimeBike to provide all Doughman cyclists with the same awesome bikeshare bikes you've been seeing all over town. All Doughman cyclists will be riding Limebikes this year! We've shortened the cycling course (about 4 miles) and everyone will be personally fitted by a Bike Co-op mechanic to their own Limebike before the race. All you need to bring is your carbon fiber/aero helmets (or any old helmet) and be ready to eat and ride!

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DOUGHn't get left out! Guarantee your registration today. Meet us at the answer to Clue #4 on Saturday, March 17th from 2-4pm. Limit 20 pre-registration spots, first come, first served. Only one team member needs to show up with proof of solving the first four clues.

Clue #1: 
Timón and Pumba like to eat it
We think you’ll see it’s great
And while you’re eating, across the street
You’ll see everyone Co-operate

Clue #2: 
The governor of gastronomy
The deputy of deliciousness
The representative of the recipe
The steward of spice
The regent of the repast

Clue #3: 
Most of what I hear I forget
Even things that are really important
Like the name of this new
Italian pasta shop
Never have I eaten
So delicious

Clue #4: 
Not Hamlet, but he’s a prince
Not a dog, but hairy and great
Not a cook, but cooks a lot
Go take a pic of his place


Take a selfie at any one of the bonus clues to win a vintage Doughman tshirt!

Bonus Clue A:
Have you heard of that new band CrazyDads? They're cool.

Bonus Clue B:
My friend Morris told me about this great place on a Hill next to a Chapel. He said it's the Main place he goes for sweets.

Bonus Clue C: 
They're not priests, but they used a tricycle to get to their first Parish. Now they are the 9th wonder of the world.
Guarantee your team's spot in Doughman X by solving each day's clue and taking a selfie at the answer. The first 20 teams to submit their answers in person this Saturday from 2-4pm gets the opportunity to pre-register.

Bonus Clue D: 
When Harry Potter needs a boost he might chant "Theobroma Cinnamomum"

At least one person from each team must take a selfie at each location. The selfie should be taken after the clue was posted, old selfies don't count.

Only one person from each team needs to show up to submit their answers on Saturday from 2-4pm. The location will be revealed shortly.

Be respectful of the locations, represent the Doughman with pride and be cool.

Don't post your answers here, this is common sense and will only hurt your chances to win.

Only the first 20 teams to submit their answers in person will receive pre-registration.