Registration Q's do I make this happen, anyway? 

DOUGHMAN9 will be held on May 27th, 2017 in Durham, NC.  Registration will go live on April 1st, 2017.  We will share all details here and on our Facebook page. 

What do I need to have ready to register?

Great question! We’re so glad you asked. First, get your team of 4 together. Be ready to pay $150 with a credit card. And have the following information ready:

  • Team Name
  • Name (first and last), email address and shirt size for ALL 4 Teammates
  • Name and cell phone # for your designated team captain

Some of our team have dietary restrictions. What accommodations do you make?

We always have 1 vegan and 1 vegetarian leg in the race. No, you do not HAVE to have a vegan and a vegetarian on your team.

I keep a Kosher, lactose- & gluten-free diet.  Oh, and I’m allergic to peanuts.  Can you make an accommodation for me?

While we try our best to create a variety of meals, we cannot make any guarantees outside of the designated vegetarian and vegan legs.  It may turn out that certain legs are dairy or gluten or nut free, but we will not have that information in advance of registration.  Each dish is also prepared in a working kitchen with lots of ingredients floating around - which is why we cannot make any guarantees for food allergies.

We got in - woohoo!  But our team captain registered a stupid name for us.  Can we change it?

No. (seriously.  We’ve got a race to organize. You think we’ve got time for that?) Besides, stupid names lead to stupid costumes lead to stupid fun and awesome prizes! Embrace it.

I’ve been waiting ALL YEAR to race, but my team didn’t get a spot - what can I do!? Do you accept bribes?

Dude.  Sorry. That sucks. BUT - there are so many other fun ways to be a part!  You can volunteer, be a rowdy spectator and still donate to our awesome charities.

Or - you can try to bribe one of our sponsors for a spot on their teams.  [it’s not that we won’t accept bribes - we just don’t have anymore teams to give!]

When can I pick up my teams race packet?

Here's what it looked like in 2016, this is an example to give you an idea so don't assume it is accurate for 2017. Pre-race registration generally happens around 5-7 p.m. on the Friday before the race. We will have a bike shop rep on hand to look over your bike to pump tires and do any quick fixes (major fixes will need to be done and paid for at the bike shop). Race day registration begins at 6:30 a.m. All teams will need to be checked in and ready to race by 7:30 a.m. on race day.

Race Q's

So, what exactly will I have to do?

“Self-propelled culinary tour of Durham” - is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll eat. Then you’ll run or bike or “swim.” Then your teammates will repeat the cycle. Then you’ll share a plate of dessert and make a victory lap. It will all be better if you wear a costume. Trust us. Check out what last year's race looked like on our Archive Page

What do you mean by "eat then run or bike or "swim""?

It's "swim" that's confusing right? Yeah, we get that a lot. Our version of swimming usually involves a colorful kiddie pool that you'll need to "swim" as part of the water leg. It's a little different from year to year, but don't worry if there are no competitive swimmers on your team. That being said, there's no "eating" or "running" or "biking", only legit eating, running, and biking. 

Will the streets be closed?

With the exception right at the main race venue, the DOUGHMAN does not close streets. All runners will be expected to run on sidewalks and to obey all traffic laws. Including stopping at lights. Cyclists, while you’ll ride on the street, you are also expected to OBEY TRAFFIC LAWS! Be safe, be aware, don’t be an asshole (this is our golden rule).

We’re in it to win it - and want to establish ourselves as the most dominant DOUGHMAN team of all time. What is the course record?

Totally irrelevant, is what the course record is.  First of all, rein it in a little.  We have way more respect for you if your team raises a ton of dough for this year's cause, dresses up goofy and has an awesome time than if you are a super serious racer.

Second of all, the course changes every year.  Makes no sense to compare.

My team was disqualified for a traffic violation.  WTF!?

Yep. WTF. Why you breaking the law? How many ways do we need to say “Don’t be an asshole”? Obey traffic laws and pay attention to the volunteers - this is all we ask of you.

What if I puke on the course?

Gross. We are trying to celebrate Durham, not make it a disgusting place to live. If you puke, you clean it up. And probably get disqualified.

Fundraising Q's

What are we doing this for, anyway?

The best question yet - we are raising Dough for a local cause. In the past we've supported SEEDS, Durham’s educational community garden, and many other non-profits. Because we love food, and fresh ingredients, and fresh air, and being outside. And we think it’s important for kids to learn about growing and cooking food… through growing and cooking food. There’s so much more to it, and we encourage you to learn more and Get Involved with SEEDS. Don’t just take our word for it.

We’re in it to win it! What do we do!?

That’s the spirit! Because our big winner every year is the team that raises the most dough. It’s simple: set up your team fundraising page, and recruit your friends, family and coworkers to doughnate. You’ll earn time bonuses, and maybe a guaranteed free entry into next year’s race!

Think about it - if every team raises just $500 - that’s a $40,000 gift to our favorite community garden!

What’s a time bonus?

This is our method of peer pressure. Teams that raise enough dough get a head start on the competition. Teams that raise no dough start last.

  • Raise $250, get 2 minute head start
  • Raise $500, get 3 minute head start
  • Raise $1000, get a 5 minute head start
    • we're sorry, we screwed up on the Sign Up Page, so now you get 3 options"  $250=2min; $500=3min; $1000=5min

I just want to race. Asking people for money cramps my style!

You are not required to raise dough to race. We will just appeal to your better nature, and gently remind you that this whole thing is a fundraiser, and without that, the DOUGHMAN wouldn’t exist. We’ll encourage you to learn more about the great work SEEDS does in Durham, and to explore getting more involved.

And if you still decide not to fundraise, you can expect a little public shaming by letting everyone else start ahead of you. (really - $500 split 4 ways is not a lot to get on the board!)

My company LOVES this stuff! We want to sponsor - who do we call?

You might be our favorite person yet.  Beginning at the $2,000 level, you also have an opportunity for a guaranteed team, among your myriad benefits. Contact today!

Volunteer Q's

This is the coolest thing I’ve ever done, and I want to be a bigger part of it!  How can I get more involved?

We <3 you! This is a volunteer driven event, and we knead more folks like you that are willing to bring your energy and ideas to making it happen every year. The more people like you we have, the more likely the DOUGHMAN will keep doughing and doughing and doughing. Sign up to volunteer here. [Many of our organizers also race…]

I want to volunteer - what exactly will I be doing?

The sky’s the limit, really! You might mark a race route, fill up a kiddie pool, set up tents, plate food, make sure racers clean their plates, sell tshirts, check teams in, break down the event, even tell other volunteers what to do. Sign up here today!

My friend and I/work group/NHS class want to volunteer together.

When you sign up, you can indicate your preference for working with a friend or a group, or even for a particular job. While we can’t make guarantees, we will do our best to align your request with the race needs.

Spectating Q's

I like to watch. How do I do that?

First, TMI. We’re all friends here but…

The DOUGHMAN is a spectacle that deserves to be watched. Spectating is free, and we have a few tricks up our sleeves to make the spectator experience even better this year. Stay tuned for more ways to enjoy the race, and we’ll see you there on race day!

You have the BEST shirts. How can I buy one? Do you have previous year’s designs?

Shirts will be available for sale at the race, in the spectator area. We’ll have a variety of years and sizes - and will sell until we run out! (seriously, please buy the shirts. Emily needs her basement back.)