The Cause

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The DOUGHMAN is an event, a spectacle if you will, designed to celebrate our community and give great local charities a platform on which to raise DOUGH and to tell their stories.  We hope you will continue to be supporters and advocates for the organizations the DOUGHMAN supports long after race day!

During our six-year history, the DOUGHMAN has raised more than $100,000 to support Durham organizations, while bringing national exposure to the causes through a variety of stories and articles that, quite frankly, continue to surprise us.

In 2013, The DOUGHMAN DOUGH-nation will support an exciting new project launched by the Durham Public Schools (DPS) -- the Durham Public Schools Hub Farm.  The Hub Farm's mission is to sustain an active educational hub that grows, feeds and nourishes young minds through the active engagement in environmental stewardship, agricultural production, the local food system, and career development opportunities.

The Hub Farm is an emerging project within DPS, spearheaded by Career-Technical Education and guided by values of community and collaboration. The Hub Farm engages DPS students and teachers, as well as the greater Durham community, in all aspects of the local food system, environmental stewardship and career development. Supporting this mission, The Hub Farm site will include food production gardens, all-ages educational gardens, outdoor classrooms, ecological study areas of forest, pond, wetland and stream, cooking facilities, a student-run farmers market, and robust network of community and institutional partnerships that leverage this physical resource for the health and nutritional development of Durham's youth. We envision The Hub Farm as a central component in a healthier local food system for Durham, where hands-on learning across all areas of study will coincide with greater physical activity, food awareness, and outdoor experiences.

We're excited to bring the unmatched enthusiasm of the DOUGHMAN community to help launch a project that has the potential to affect thousands of Durham Public School students for years to come! Please visit The Hub Farm's Facebook profile to learn more about this exciting new venture in the Durham community: